Pilot to test tokenisation of Australian Money Markets and Debt Capital Markets



JOINT MEDIA RELEASE                                                   

Imperium Markets and Digital Finance CRC (DFCRC) will pilot a research project into how the tokenisation of assets and settlements can benefit Australian Money Markets and Debt Capital Markets.

The Australian money markets and debt capital markets facilitate trillions of dollars of value transfer per annum and play an integral role in funding the nation’s economy.

Yet, despite their size and systemic importance, these markets remain largely analogue with significant operational and settlement risks due to manual data entry and settlement processes.

Tokenisation will allow for transactions and settlement to occur simultaneously, removing significant risks whilst delivering time and cost benefits for all market participants.

The new research project, Imperium DFCRC Digital Debt Markets 2026, will provide the opportunity for the market to collaborate and transact in Imperium Market’s ASIC-licensed digital marketplace.

The project will deliver quantifiable data on the reduction of inefficiencies and removal of settlement and operational risks. It will demonstrate how real-time data can provide transparency for regulators and market participants and enable research insights into what changes are required for the transformation to digital markets.

Imperium Markets Chair, Rod Lewis, said: “Blockchain and distributed ledger technology is really about the simplification of markets.

“The current processes are slow and complicated — reliant on outdated technology, phone calls, emails, manual ticketing and spreadsheets.

“The project aims to demonstrate that tokenisation on distributed ledger technology can democratise access for all participants, connect capital and deliver real-time data so that the markets can reach their full potential.”

DFCRC CEO, Andreas Furche, said: “The project is an opportunity to work together to test and build transformative digital finance solutions targeting the efficiency improvements in clearing and settlement between wholesale participants, which our recent research work estimates to be in the billions of dollars annually in Australia alone.”