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We are focused on three key areas where Digital Finance can have the maximum impact

The DFCRC’s research strategically targets the most prominent challenges needed to progress the field of Digital Finance, as identified by our industry network. It also supports the asset class ‘verticals’ that DFCRC has chosen to focus on (natural assets / impact investments, key minerals for decarbonisation, and financial markets infrastructure), as areas of large impact potential.

Fiat Currency: Central Bank Digital Currency

The Australian CBDC research project reflects our dedication to leading evolution of financial systems and introducing cutting-edge solutions in Australia’s economic landscape.

Natural Asset & Impact Marketplaces

Initially identified as a priority focus area by several DFCRC industry partners, the strategic advisory group has confirmed this area as having high-impact potential for Digital Finance.

Mining & Minerals Marketplaces

DFCRC committed to working in this space during its CRC bid, responding to early feedback from industry partners about the considerable potential for market design improvements in this crucial market segment for Australia.

PhD Research Projects

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