PhD Researchers


My thesis explores the quality of decentralised markets. Focusing on the role this new market design plays in the price discovery of digital assets. Developing an understanding of the liquidity risks of these markets.

Luke Johnson
University of Technology Sydney

My thesis focuses on new clearing and settlement services that require the implementation of CBDC. My research will highlight the potential economic benefits of these Use Cases, particularly their implications for liquidity in financial markets.

Dustin Weiss
University of Wollongong

My thesis will look at why digital tokenisation of in-ground critical minerals is important to the mining sector, and the Australian economy as a whole.

Angela Babic
Curtin University

My thesis topic is to create a framework that would help to transform a centralised business process into a decentralised one.

Jeccer Cusi
Curtin University

My thesis topic deals with creating a clear understanding of the risks in a Blockchain System. It helps unlock the conversation for institutional players to openly engage with the new technology.

Anurag Soin
University of Technology Sydney

My thesis topic is organisational exposure view of cyber exposure.

Riana Lee
Macquarie University

My thesis topic is Anomaly detection in stock market data using deep learning models. It deals with various anomalies in the stock market data, specifically insider trading.

Kaveesha Hewage
University of Technology Sydney

My thesis topic is 'Adversarial Robustness of Money Laundering Detection Systems in the Digital Asset Ecosystem’. For a large-scale institutional adoption of digital assets, effective anti-money laundering solutions are essential.

Régnier Avice
University of Technology Sydney

My thesis topic examines International legal considerations in cross-border use of Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Mia Trzecinski
University of New South Wales

My thesis topic is on Machine learning for Digital Finance

Rongcheng Wu
University of Technology Sydney

My thesis topic examines the health of electricity markets, particularly in Australia.

Arvind Rangarajan
Macquarie University

My thesis topic examines cyber threat analysis models using machine learning.

Navid Yazdanjue
University of Technology Sydney

My thesis is on Legal and regulatory aspects related to issuance, circulation and usage of central bank digital currency in Australia.

Nancy Michail
Macquarie University

My thesis topic is Static analysis of smart contracts for exploit detection

Pei Xu
University of Technology Sydney

My thesis topic deals with governing transactions in blockchain environments.

Chanuka Lalinda Wijayakoon
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

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