Rongcheng Wu

University: University of Technology Sydney  

Academic supervisor: 

Fang Chen

Industry partner: DFCRC

Academic Background and Work Experience


Rongcheng holds a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) from UNSW and is currently a PhD candidate at UTS, specializing in computer vision and AI security, with a particular focus on 3D vision and defense against backdoors in AI models. Prior to embarking on his PhD journey at UTS, he served as a research assistant in the UTS Data Science group, where he gained valuable experience and insights into data-driven technologies and methodologies.


Thesis Topic


Enhancing Financial Pattern Analysis through Machine Vision Guided by Efficient Domain Adaptation Learning Algorithms



DFCRC oversees and operates a 10-year, $180 million research program as a collaboration between industry partners, universities, and the Australian Government through the Cooperative Research Centres Program. Our mission is to develop and leverage the next transformation in financial markets – the digitisation of assets traded and exchanged directly on digital platforms.