Dustin Weiss

University: University of Wollongong

Academic supervisors: Prof Alex Frino and Dr Ivy Zhou

Industry partner: ASX

Thesis Topic


CBDC Use Cases in Clearing and Settlement Systems and its Implications for Financial Markets
My thesis focuses on new clearing and settlement services that require the implementation of CBDC. My research will highlight the potential economic benefits of these Use Cases, particularly their implications for liquidity in financial markets. ASX has a history of innovating Financial Market Infrastructure and is investigating whether CBDC can improve investor protection, capital efficiency, and market quality while promoting financial stability.


About ASX

ASX acts as a market operator for a range of asset classes, offering listings, trading, clearing, settlement, technical and information services, technology, data and other post trade services.


What part of the business is the researcher involved in?

ASX’s Securities & Payments and Distributed Ledger Technology Solutions


What questions/problems is the researcher helping to answer/solve?

Dustin is assisting with evaluating implementation options for our CBDC Use Cases proposals to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s CBDC Research Project. He covers various topics, including financial risk assessments, technical solutions, and legal considerations. Dustin’s research efforts will help us maximise our stakeholders’ economic and social benefits in the event that a CBDC should emerge in future.