Luke Johnson

University: University of Technology Sydney

Principal supervisor: Professor Talis Putnins

Industry partner: CCData

Academic Background and Work Experience


Luke is working with an industry partner CCData to examine market quality in decentralised exchanges with a focus on market manipulation in cryptocurrency markets. His research interests revolve around decentralised exchanges, cryptocurrency markets, and market manipulation.

Prior to his PhD, Luke completed his Bachelor of Business (Honours) at UTS with first-class honours. His honours thesis leveraged state-of-the-art natural language processing to assess the impact of regulation on corporate ESG reporting. Luke has also worked as a research assistant at Deakin University.


Thesis Topic


Decentralised Market Quality
Luke’s thesis explores the quality of decentralised markets. Focusing on the role this new market design plays in the price discovery of digital assets. Developing an understanding of the liquidity risks of these markets. Studying how these markets impact market integrity for the broader digital asset markets.


About CCData

Founded in 2014, CCData (previously known as CryptoCompare) is dedicated to providing accurate and actionable digital asset data and index solutions to institutions and market participants navigating the digital asset sector.

What part of the business is the researcher involved in?

CryptoCompare’s research and development team


What questions/problems is the researcher helping to answer/solve?

In the narrow context of business outcomes, he has participated in how to get data from blockchain providers, how to evaluate DEXs equitably and the power of DEX data in finding insider trading. He is going on to research how the structure of different DEXs impacts their success and whether DEXs or centralised markets lead in price discovery.

Luke has made an invaluable impact with his knowledge of digital finance and the structure of decentralised markets (DEXs). He was instrumental in the development of our new DEX data integrations and the evolution of the DEX benchmark as an industry first ranking of DEXs. Luke is insightful and sociable making a positive in pact on company culture with his active participation in the on-chain data seminars.
Alex Wendland, Data Scientist at CCData